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Merge branch 'carsten-development-patch-59701' into 'development'

Carsten development patch 59701

See merge request !1275
parents d55e7985 c9f06f66
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ return [
'form.1' => 'Sicheres Kontakformular',
'form.2' => 'Über dieses Formular können Sie uns kontaktieren.
Alternativ können Sie uns natürlich auch per <a href="">E-Mail</a> erreichen.',
'' => "Name (Vorname Nachname)",
'' => 'Name (Vorname Nachname)',
'form.5' => 'Ihre E-Mail-Adresse',
'form.6' => 'Ihre Nachricht',
'form.7' => 'Betreff',
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
return [
'opensearch' => 'MetaGer: Sicher suchen & finden, Privatsphäre schützen',
'startseite' => 'MetaGer-Startseite',
'startseite' => 'MetaGer-Startseite',
'impressum' => 'Impressum',
'search-placeholder' => 'Suchbegriff(e) eingeben',
'search-placeholder' => 'Suchbegriff(e) eingeben'
return [
'title' => 'Title of the result',
'hoster' => 'Found by',
'link' => 'Hyperlink to the result',
'description' => 'Summary of the result page',
'open.this' => 'Open in this TAB',
'open.newtab' => 'Open in a new TAB',
'open.anonymous' => 'Open anonymously (via the MetaGer-Proxy server)',
'options.more' => 'More options',
'' => 'Save the result for further filtering',
'options.domain' => 'Start a new search on this domain',
'options.subdomain' => 'Start a new search on this subdomain',
'options.blacklist' => 'Start a new search without this domain',
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -18,14 +18,20 @@ return [
"stopworte.title" => "Stopwords",
"stopworte.1" => "If you want to exclude words within the search result, you have to put a \"-\" in front of that word",
"stopworte.2" => "Example: You are looking for a new car, but no BMW. Then your search should be <div class=\"well well-sm\">new car -bmw</div>",
"stopworte.3" => "car new -bmw",
"mehrwortsuche.title" => "Searching for more than one word",
"mehrwortsuche.1" => "Without quotation you will get results containing one or some of the words of your search entry. Use quotes for the search for exact phrases, citations....",
"mehrwortsuche.2" => "Example: search for Shakespears <div class=\"well well-sm\">to be or not to be</div> will deliver many results, but the exact phrase will only be found using <div class=\"well well-sm\">\"to be or nor to be\"</div>",
"mehrwortsuche.3" => "Please use quotes to make sure to get your search words in the results list.",
"mehrwortsuche.3.example" => '"round-table" "decision"',
"mehrwortsuche.4" => "Put words or phrases in quotation marks to search for exact combinations.",
"mehrwortsuche.4.example" => '"round-table decision"',
"grossklein.title" => "Upper case vs. lower case",
"grossklein.1" => "Upper case will not be distinguished from lower case",
"grossklein.2" => "Searching for <div class=\"well well-sm\">Shakespeare</div> or <div class=\"well well-sm\">SHAKESPEARE</div> will deliver the same results as <div class=\"well well-sm\">shakespeare</div>",
"grossklein.2.example" => "capitalization",
"grossklein.3" => "should give the same results as",
"grossklein.3.example" => "CAPITALIZATION",
"domains.title" => "Restrict to specific domain(s) / exclude domain(s)",
"domains.sitesearch.explanation" => "Type site:<i></i> to restrict the search to that domain.",
"domains.sitesearch.example.1" => "Example: I want to restrict my search to Type:",
......@@ -39,6 +45,13 @@ return [
"domains.blacklist.example.4" => "You get results from e.g. further on.",
"domains.blacklist.example.5" => "Exclude all results of all wikipedia domains:",
"domains.blacklist.example.6" => "<i>my search words</i> -site:*.<i></i>",
"domains.showcase.explanation.1" => 'You can exclude Top-Level-Domains and subdomains directly from the results page by clicking the "More"-Button:',
"" => "Using it you get a menu with the following options:",
"" => "Cache the results for further filtering (more information <a href=\"#searchinsearch\"> here</a>)",
"" => 'Start a new search on the domain ""',
"" => "Search without using the subdomain (",
"" => "Search without using the Top-Level-Domain (",
"" => "Try it right here by clickig the options.",
"urls.title" => "Exclude URLs",
"urls.explanation" => "Use \"-url:\" to exclude search results containing specified words.",
......@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ return [
"focus-creator.delete" => "Delete search focus",
"focus-creator.focusname" => "Focus:",
'slogan.title' => 'MetaGer: Privacy protected Search and Find',
'slogan.1'=> 'We provide privacy & data protection and we are a non profit NGO. <a href="/beitritt">Become a member</a> oder <a href="/spende">donate</a>! Our source code is open:<a href=""</a>' ,
'slogan.2' => 'You keep a neutral view on the web by using MetaGer',
"sponsors.head.1" => "Further Information",
"sponsors.head.2" => "Sponsors",
'sponsors.woxikon' => 'Tagesgeld jetzt!',
......@@ -36,6 +40,10 @@ return [
"about.2.1" => "We are a <a href=\"/en/spende\">non profit NGO</a>. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Our source code is open:</a>",
"about.3.1" => "Everyone might check our data protection & privacy features.",
'lang.tooltip' => 'Language',
'key.placeholder' => 'Insert member key',
'key.tooltip' => 'Insert member key',
"placeholder" => "MetaGer: Privacy Protected Search & Find",
'' => 'Install MetaGer-Plugin',
......@@ -122,5 +130,8 @@ return [
"plugin.vivaldi.7" => "Click \"Add\".",
"plugin.vivaldi.8" => "Set as the start page of your web browser :browser",
"plugin.vivaldi.9" => "Click the red logo \"Vivaldi\" at the top left of your web browser. Then select \"Tools / Preferences\"",
"plugin.vivaldi.10" => "Enter \"\" into the field \"Start page\""
"plugin.vivaldi.10" => "Enter \"\" into the field \"Start page\"",
'tooltips.add-focus' => 'Adjust search',
'tooltips.edit-focus' => 'Change the actual focus',
'tooltips.settings' => 'Common settings',
return [
'title' => 'Youth protection',
'text' => 'We deliver search results to very different scopes of the internet. Some of these are not suitable for people of your age. If you want to find something anyway, try using other search engines- <a href="">Blinde Kuh</a> for example.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -5,9 +5,10 @@ return [
'form.1' => 'Secure Contact Form',
'form.2' => 'Via this form you can contact us by e-mail.',
'' => 'Forename, Surname',
'form.5' => 'Your e-mail-adress (optional)',
'form.6' => 'Your message',
'form.7' => 'Subject',
'form.8' => 'Send',
'mail.1' => 'By Email',
......@@ -3,5 +3,6 @@
return [
"opensearch" => "MetaGer: secure search & find, protecting privacy",
"startseite" => "MetaGer start page",
"impressum" => "legal notice"
"impressum" => "legal notice",
'search-placeholder' => 'Your search query...'
......@@ -6,4 +6,5 @@ return [
"zurueck" => "back",
"filter" => "Results are filtered by language: <strong>[:filter]</strong>. <a href=\":link\" target=\"_blank\">Disable this filter.</a>",
"filter.default" => "The interface language is set to <strong>:langName</strong> but you will receive results in <strong>ALL</strong> languages. If you want to restrict the results to a specific language, please click <a href=\"/en/settings\" target=\"_blank\">customize</a> and choose your desired language there.",
'produktanzeigen' => 'Show products:',
......@@ -36,5 +36,6 @@ return [
"telefonnummer" => "phone number",
"iban" => "IBAN/account number",
"bic" => "BIC/bank code",
'betrag' => 'Amount',
"danke.message" => "Your message"
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -19,5 +19,6 @@ return [
"languages" => "translation tool - MetaGer",
"languages.edit" => "Edit language files - MetaGer",
"app" => "Apps - MetaGer",
"faktencheck" => "Fact-checks versus fake news"
"faktencheck" => "Fact-checks versus fake news",
'jugendschutz' => 'Youth protection'
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