Commit c9f06f66 authored by Carsten Riel's avatar Carsten Riel
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Diverse IDs eingefügt und übersetzt.

parent 495d5aab
......@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ return [
"focus-creator.delete" => "Delete search focus",
"focus-creator.focusname" => "Focus:",
'slogan.title' => 'MetaGer: Privacy protected Search and Find',
'slogan.1'=> 'We provide privacy & data protection and we are a non profit NGO. <a href="/beitritt">Become a member</a> oder <a href="/spende">donate</a>! Our source code is open:<a href=""</a>' ,
'slogan.2' => 'You keep a neutral view on the web by using MetaGer',
"sponsors.head.1" => "Further Information",
"sponsors.head.2" => "Sponsors",
'sponsors.woxikon' => 'Tagesgeld jetzt!',
......@@ -36,6 +40,10 @@ return [
"about.2.1" => "We are a <a href=\"/en/spende\">non profit NGO</a>. <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Our source code is open:</a>",
"about.3.1" => "Everyone might check our data protection & privacy features.",
'lang.tooltip' => 'Language',
'key.placeholder' => 'Insert member key',
'key.tooltip' => 'Insert member key',
"placeholder" => "MetaGer: Privacy Protected Search & Find",
'' => 'Install MetaGer-Plugin',
......@@ -122,5 +130,8 @@ return [
"plugin.vivaldi.7" => "Click \"Add\".",
"plugin.vivaldi.8" => "Set as the start page of your web browser :browser",
"plugin.vivaldi.9" => "Click the red logo \"Vivaldi\" at the top left of your web browser. Then select \"Tools / Preferences\"",
"plugin.vivaldi.10" => "Enter \"\" into the field \"Start page\""
"plugin.vivaldi.10" => "Enter \"\" into the field \"Start page\"",
'tooltips.add-focus' => 'Adjust search',
'tooltips.edit-focus' => 'Change the actual focus',
'tooltips.settings' => 'Common settings',
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