Commit 495d5aab authored by Carsten Riel's avatar Carsten Riel

Diverse IDs eingefügt und übersetzt

parent e1b404b3
......@@ -18,14 +18,20 @@ return [
"stopworte.title" => "Stopwords",
"stopworte.1" => "If you want to exclude words within the search result, you have to put a \"-\" in front of that word",
"stopworte.2" => "Example: You are looking for a new car, but no BMW. Then your search should be <div class=\"well well-sm\">new car -bmw</div>",
"stopworte.3" => "car new -bmw",
"mehrwortsuche.title" => "Searching for more than one word",
"mehrwortsuche.1" => "Without quotation you will get results containing one or some of the words of your search entry. Use quotes for the search for exact phrases, citations....",
"mehrwortsuche.2" => "Example: search for Shakespears <div class=\"well well-sm\">to be or not to be</div> will deliver many results, but the exact phrase will only be found using <div class=\"well well-sm\">\"to be or nor to be\"</div>",
"mehrwortsuche.3" => "Please use quotes to make sure to get your search words in the results list.",
"mehrwortsuche.3.example" => '"round-table" "decision"',
"mehrwortsuche.4" => "Put words or phrases in quotation marks to search for exact combinations.",
"mehrwortsuche.4.example" => '"round-table decision"',
"grossklein.title" => "Upper case vs. lower case",
"grossklein.1" => "Upper case will not be distinguished from lower case",
"grossklein.2" => "Searching for <div class=\"well well-sm\">Shakespeare</div> or <div class=\"well well-sm\">SHAKESPEARE</div> will deliver the same results as <div class=\"well well-sm\">shakespeare</div>",
"grossklein.2.example" => "capitalization",
"grossklein.3" => "should give the same results as",
"grossklein.3.example" => "CAPITALIZATION",
"domains.title" => "Restrict to specific domain(s) / exclude domain(s)",
"domains.sitesearch.explanation" => "Type site:<i></i> to restrict the search to that domain.",
"domains.sitesearch.example.1" => "Example: I want to restrict my search to Type:",
......@@ -39,6 +45,13 @@ return [
"domains.blacklist.example.4" => "You get results from e.g. further on.",
"domains.blacklist.example.5" => "Exclude all results of all wikipedia domains:",
"domains.blacklist.example.6" => "<i>my search words</i> -site:*.<i></i>",
"domains.showcase.explanation.1" => 'You can exclude Top-Level-Domains and subdomains directly from the results page by clicking the "More"-Button:',
"" => "Using it you get a menu with the following options:",
"" => "Cache the results for further filtering (more information <a href=\"#searchinsearch\"> here</a>)",
"" => 'Start a new search on the domain ""',
"" => "Search without using the subdomain (",
"" => "Search without using the Top-Level-Domain (",
"" => "Try it right here by clickig the options.",
"urls.title" => "Exclude URLs",
"urls.explanation" => "Use \"-url:\" to exclude search results containing specified words.",
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