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Update faq.php

Die englische Entsprechung der deutschen Anleitung für FF eingefügt

See merge request !532
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......@@ -26,4 +26,15 @@ return [
"faq.9.b" => "You can check <a href=\"\" target=_blank>our source code</a> to find out.",
"faq.10.h" => "I can't use MetaGer with my browser X and operating system Y. I need help!",
"faq.15.h" => "How was MetaGer started, what is the story behind MetaGer?",
"faq.17.h" => "How to add MetaGer as a standard search engine (using the plugin)",
"faq.17.b.1" => "A short instruction how to add the metager plugin to your webbrowser (includes deinstallation if necessary):",
"faq.17.b.2" => "<b>For the Firefox webbrowser:</b>",
"faq.17.b.3" => "1. Please choose \"Edit/preferences\" from the menu and",
"faq.17.b.4" => "2. pick \"Search\".",
"faq.17.b.5" => "3. If there is an entry \"MetaGer\" in the below list then",
"faq.17.b.6" => "4. select this entry and",
"faq.17.b.7" => "5. click the \"Remove\" on the right side below the list.",
"faq.17.b.8" => "6. Open the MetaGer startpage ( and",
"faq.17.b.9" => "7. click \"Add the MetaGer-Plugin\" below the searchfield. Please follow the given advices.",
"faq.17.b.10" => "Of course, you can use MetaGer without that plugin at any time. Just type \"\" into your browsers address bar.",
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