Commit cf692efd authored by Kim Höfer's avatar Kim Höfer

Updated translations for startpage texts

parent f552ef7a
......@@ -28,13 +28,13 @@ return [
"focus-creator.focusname" => "Focus:",
'about.1.1' => "Guaranteed Privacy",
'about.1.2' => 'With us you have full control over your data.',
'about.2.1' => 'Nonprofit organization',
'about.2.2' => 'We as SUMA-EV are independent because we do not pursue commercial interests!',
'about.3.1' => 'Support & Donate',
'about.3.2' => 'With your donation you support the work of the SUMA-EV and the operation of MetaGer.',
'about.4.1' => 'Join in!',
'about.4.2' => 'Strengthen us by becoming a member.',
'about.1.2' => 'With us you have full control over your data. We don\'t save and our source code is free.',
'about.2.1' => 'Diverse & free',
'about.2.2' => 'MetaGer protects against censorship by combining results of many search engines.',
'about.3.1' => '100 % renewable energy',
'about.3.2' => 'All of our services are run using renewable energy. Sustainable and clean.',
'about.4.1' => 'Nonprofit organization',
'about.4.2' => 'Strengthen us by becoming a member or donating to our nonprofit organization!',
'lang.tooltip' => 'Language',
'key.placeholder' => 'Enter member key',
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