Commit c251aaf2 authored by Karl Hasselbring's avatar Karl Hasselbring
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Suche funktioniert jetzt wieder auch für nicht eigene foki

parents 505ba230 4817fac4
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ class MetaGerSearch extends Controller
public function search(Request $request, MetaGer $metager)
$focus = $request->input("focus", "web");
if ($focus !== "angepasst" && startsWith($focus, "focus_")) {
if ($focus !== "angepasst" && $this->startsWith($focus, "focus_")) {
if ($metager->doBotProtection($request->input('bot', ""))) {
return redirect(LaravelLocalization::getLocalizedURL(LaravelLocalization::getCurrentLocale(), url("/noaccess", ['redirect' => base64_encode(url()->full())])));
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