Commit b6201a55 authored by Dominik Hebeler's avatar Dominik Hebeler
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Merge branch '31-bug-standard-spracheinstellung-kaputt' into 'master'

Die Localisation verwendet nicht mehr den Accept Language Header

Stattdessen wird die eingestellte Sprache als Standard verwendet (de)
fixes #31 closes #31 

See merge request !20
parents 2e24fc5d 40682ec5
......@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ return [
// Negotiate for the user locale using the Accept-Language header if it's not defined in the URL?
// If false, system will take app.php locale attribute
'useAcceptLanguageHeader' => true,
'useAcceptLanguageHeader' => false,
// If LaravelLocalizationRedirectFilter is active and hideDefaultLocaleInURL
// is true, the url would not have the default application language
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