Commit a995f7a9 authored by Aria Givi's avatar Aria Givi
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Kleinigkeit übersehen

parent 588967ac
......@@ -12,19 +12,8 @@
@include('layouts.atom10-ad', ['ad' => $metager->popAd()])
@foreach($metager->getResults() as $result)
@if($result->number % 7 === 0)
<ad:callOut atom:type="TEXT">[Ad]</ad:callOut>
<ad:title atom:type="TEXT">20% Off Coffee</ad:title>
<ad:subTitle atom:type="TEXT">Walk in and show us this ad on your phone</ad:subTitle>
<ad:displayUrl atom:type="TEXT"></ad:displayUrl>
<ad:image ad:id="cprp20" ad:width="170" ad:height="30">
<ad:link href="" />
<ad:altText atom:type="TEXT">Click for Cafes Near You</ad:altText>
<atom:link href="" />
@if($result->number % 5 === 0)
@include('layouts.atom10-ad', ['ad' => $metager->popAd()])
<title>{!! htmlspecialchars($result->titel, ENT_XML1, 'UTF-8'); !!}</title>
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