Commit 878667a5 authored by Dominik Hebeler's avatar Dominik Hebeler
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Merge branch '190-firefox-unterstutzt-nicht-mehr-das-hinzufugen-von-suchmaschinen-per-javascript' into 'development'

Auch die englische Beschreibung eingefügt

Closes #190

See merge request !276
parents 73a60d25 6add25a5
......@@ -30,11 +30,8 @@ return [
'plugin.head.4' => 'Add MetaGer to your Internet Explorer',
'plugin.head.5' => 'Add MetaGer to your Microsoft Edge',
'plugin.firefox.1' => 'Click ',
'plugin.firefox.2' => 'here',
'plugin.firefox.3' => ', to add MetaGer as a search engine.',
'plugin.firefox.4' => 'Please tick the box "Make this the current search engine"',
'plugin.firefox.5' => 'Click on "Add"',
'plugin.firefox.1' => 'Click on the magnifying glass with the small green "+" and then on "Add MetaGer.." (picture 1)',
'plugin.firefox.2' => 'Now right click on the new MetaGer Logo in the List and select "Make MetaGer the default search engine" (picture2)',
'' => 'Click ',
'' => 'here',
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