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Merge branch '194-datenschutzerklarung-erweitern-und-code-formattierungen' into 'development'

Noch eine Änderung am Text

Closes #194

See merge request !288
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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ have to believe us, YOU might control it yourself!',
'policy.1' => 'Our Approach/Policy:',
'policy.2' => 'Neither do we save your IP, nor the',
'policy.3' => '"fingerprint" of your Browser',
'policy.4' => '(Which most likely could identify you as well).',
'policy.4' => '(which most likely could identify you as well).',
'policy.5' => 'We do not set cookies or use tracking-pixel or similar technology, to "track" our users (tracking = following a users digital movement on the internet).',
'policy.6' => 'The data transmission from MetaGer is only done encrypted via the https protocol.',
'policy.7' => 'We offer access via the anonymous TOR network, the',
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