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......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ return [
"plugintitle" => "add MetaGer to your browser",
"sponsors.head.1" => "Further Information",
"sponsors.head.2" => "Sponsored Links",
"sponsors.woxikon" => "<a href=\"\/en\/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\" >This could be your link<\/a>",
"sponsors.gutscheine" => "<a href=\"\/en\/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\" >Please contact us<\/a>",
"sponsors.kredite" => "<a href=\"\/en\/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\">https:\/\/\/kontakt<\/a>",
"sponsors.woxikon" => "<a href=\"/en/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\" >This could be your link</a>",
"sponsors.gutscheine" => "<a href=\"/en/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\" >Please contact us</a>",
"sponsors.kredite" => "<a href=\"/en/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\"></a>",
"about.title" => "About Us",
"about.1.1" => "Data protection & privacy",
"about.1.2" => " are simple and natural for us.",
......@@ -33,5 +33,49 @@ return [
"" => "(selected search preferences will be used)",
"plugin.firefox.1" => "Click on the magnifying glass with the small green \"+\" and then on \"Add MetaGer..\" (picture 1)",
"plugin.firefox.2" => "Now right click on the new MetaGer Logo in the List and select \"Make MetaGer the default search engine\" (picture2)",
"plugin.firefox.3" => "Use MetaGer as start page in :browser"
"plugin.firefox.3" => "Use MetaGer as start page in :browser",
"plugin.firefox.4" => "Click top right in your browser on <span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-menu-hamburger\" aria-hidden=\"true\"></span><span class=\"sr-only\">the three small horizontal lines</span> (menu) and open \"Preferences\"",
"plugin.firefox.5" => "Type in field \"Home Page\" => \"\"",
"" => "Click in your Chrome browser on <span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-option-vertical\"><\/span> and in the next menu on \"Preferences\" to open the settings of your Chrome browser",
"" => "Click in field \"Search\" on manage search engines",
"" => "Now you will find an entry \"MetaGer\". Move your mouse over that entry and click on \"Standard\",",
"" => "Set up MetaGer as start page in your browser",
"" => "Click in your browser on<span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-option-vertical\"></span> and open \"Preferences\"",
"" => "In the field \"Start\" choose \"Open specific Page/s\" and then click on \"Choose Page/s\"",
"" => "Type in\" as URL at \"Add new page\"",
"" => "Hint: Every Webpage in this field will be opened when you start your browser. You can delete entries by moving the mouse on it and click \"x\"",
"plugin.opera.1" => "Click on <a href=\"/\" target=\"_blank\">hier</a> to open MetaGer in a new TAB",
"plugin.opera.2" => "In that news TAB click with the right mouse button within the search field in the middle of the page",
"plugin.opera.3" => "Choose \"create search engine\" in the menu",
"plugin.opera.4" => "Click \"create\" within the popup",
"plugin.opera.5" => "(Unfortunately it is no loger possible to set up new search engines in the Opera browser as standard, but you might install the open source browser <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Firefox</a>, who does support that)",
"plugin.opera.6" => "Set up MetaGer as start page in your browser",
"plugin.opera.7" => "Click in browser menu on \"Edit\" and them \"Preferences\"",
"plugin.opera.8" => "In the field \"Start\" choose \"Open specific Page\/s\" and then click on \"Choose Page\/s\"",
"plugin.opera.9" => "Type in\" as URL at \"Add new page\"",
"plugin.opera.10" => "Click on OK",
"plugin.IE.1" => "Click <a href=\"javascript:window.external.addSearchProvider($('link[rel=search]').attr('href'));\">here</a> to add MetaGer as search engine",
"plugin.IE.4" => "Click top right in your browser on \"Extras\"",
"plugin.IE.5" => "Choose the menu \"manage Add-Ons\"",
"plugin.IE.6" => "Click in field \"Add-Ons\" on \"search provider\" and the on the right on \"MetaGer\"",
"plugin.IE.7" => "Coose button \"Standard\"",
"plugin.IE.8" => "Set up MetaGer as start page in your browser",
"plugin.IE.9" => "Click at top right in your browser on <span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-cog\"></span> and open \"Internet Options\"",
"plugin.IE.10" => "If MetaGer should be your only startpage mark the existing text within the text field, and replace it by \"\"",
"plugin.IE.11" => "Click on OK",
"plugin.edge.1" => "Click in your browser top right on Extras (",
"plugin.edge.2" => ") and choose \"Preferences\"",
"plugin.edge.3" => "Scroll down and click on \"Show adavanced Preferences\"",
"plugin.edge.4" => "Scroll again down to topic \"within addresses\" and click on \"Change\"",
"plugin.edge.5" => "Choose \"MetaGer ...\" and click on \"Standard\"",
"plugin.edge.6" => "Set up MetaGer as start page in :browser",
"plugin.edge.7" => "Click at top right in your browser on <span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-option-horizontal\"></span> and open \"Preferences\"",
"plugin.edge.8" => "Choose in the field \"Open\" the topic \"Specific pages\"",
"plugin.edge.9" => "Choose \"User defined\" within drop down menu",
"plugin.edge.10" => "Type \"\" in field \"Webaddress\" and click on \"+\"",
"plugin.edge.11" => "Delete all entries which should not be opened at start (for example \"about:start\") by click on \"x\"",
"plugin.safari.1" => "Install the Safari-PlugIn <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">OpenSearchforSafari</a>.",
"plugin.safari.2" => "Open MetaGer and add MetaGer by the OpenSearch-button within the Safari menu",
"plugin.safari.3" => "Delete (if you want) other search engines by clicking on \"X\"",
"plugin.safari.4" => "Now you might search with MetaGer via the OpenSearch-button (magnifying glass symbol)"
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