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Veraltete Übersetzungstexte gelöscht

parent bf7491bb
......@@ -39,14 +39,7 @@ return [
"domains.blacklist.example.4" => "You get results from e.g. further on.",
"domains.blacklist.example.5" => "Exclude all results of all wikipedia domains:",
"domains.blacklist.example.6" => "<i>my search words</i> -site:*.<i></i>",
"domains.showcase.explanation.1" => "Additionally there is the option to exclude hosts or domains on the result page: All of the results have the small triangle sign:",
"domains.showcase.explanation.2" => "Click on the menu shown below:",
"" => "Decide here:",
"" => "To cache your search results in a separate tab (see <a href=\"#searchinsearch\"> here</a>)",
"" => "To start a new search with just the domain of the result (",
"" => "To start a search without the results of that subdomain (",
"" => "To start a search without results of the top level domain (",
"" => "Click \"Options\" to try it now.",
"urls.title" => "Exclude URLs",
"urls.explanation" => "Use \"-url:\" to exclude search results containing specified words.",
"urls.example.1" => "Example: You don' t want the word \"dog\" in the results:",
......@@ -33,13 +33,7 @@ return [
"domains.blacklist.example.4" => "Usted recibe todavia resultados de (por ejemplo)",
"domains.blacklist.example.5" => "Excluye todos los resultados de Wikipedia:",
"domains.blacklist.example.6" => "<i>término de búsqueda</i> -site:*",
"domains.showcase.explanation.1" => "Nuestra oferta adicional: exluye subdominios y top-level dominios directo en cada resultado. Hacer clic el icono deltoideo.",
"domains.showcase.explanation.2" => "Hacer clic sobre el icono el menu siguiente aparece:",
"" => "Con eso menu se puede:",
"" => "Comenzar una búsqueda nueva en el dominio do resultado.",
"" => "Comenzar una búsqueda nueva sin los resultados do subdominio",
"" => "Comenzar una búsqueda nueva sin los resultados do top-level dominio",
"" => "Aquí se puede experimentar:",
"dienste" => "Servicios",
"app.title" => "Android-App",
"app.1" => "Descargar <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\">MetaGer App</a> para Android.",
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