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Delete index.php

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return [
"foki_web" => "Web",
"foki_bilder" => "Pictures",
"foki_nachrichten" => "News",
"foki_wissenschaft" => "Science",
"foki_produkte" => "Shopping",
"foki_anpassen" => "customize",
"foki_angepasst" => "customized",
"design" => "select personal theme",
"conveyor" => "Purchase at affiliate shops",
"partnertitle" => "Support MetaGer without any costs to you",
"plugin" => "Add the MetaGer-Plugin",
"plugintitle" => "add MetaGer to your browser",
"sponsors_head_1" => "Further Information",
"sponsors_head_2" => "Sponsored Links",
"sponsors_woxikon" => "<a href=\"\/en\/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\" >This could be your link<\/a>",
"sponsors_gutscheine" => "<a href=\"\/en\/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\" >Please contact us<\/a>",
"sponsors_kredite" => "<a href=\"\/en\/kontakt\" class=\"mutelink\">https:\/\/\/kontakt<\/a>",
"about_title" => "About Us",
"about_1_1" => "Data protection & privacy",
"about_1_2" => " are simple and natural for us.",
"about_2_1" => "We do not work for profit. We are a ",
"about_2_2" => "non-profit association. ",
"placeholder" => "MetaGer: secure search & find, protecting privacy",
"plugin_head_1" => "Add MetaGer to your Firefox",
"plugin_head_2" => "Add MetaGer to your Chrome",
"plugin_head_3" => "Add MetaGer to your Opera",
"plugin_head_4" => "Add MetaGer to your Internet Explorer",
"plugin_head_5" => "Add MetaGer to your Microsoft Edge",
"plugin_head_6" => "Add MetaGer to your Safari",
"plugin_head_info" => "(selected search preferences will be used)",
"plugin_firefox_1" => "Click on the magnifying glass with the small green \"+\" and then on \"Add MetaGer..\" (picture 1)",
"plugin_firefox_2" => "Now right click on the new MetaGer Logo in the List and select \"Make MetaGer the default search engine\" (picture2)",
"plugin_firefox_3" => "Use MetaGer as start page in :browser"
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