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Merge branch 'patch-5' into 'development'

Erstellt: staticPages.php französisch

See merge request !777
parents dfb1403d 3017eecb
return [
"nav1" => "Recherche",
"nav4" => "Forum",
"nav5" => "Contact",
"nav6" => "Equipe",
"nav9" => "Aide",
"nav10" => "Widget",
"nav15" => "Services",
"nav16" => "Soutenir",
"nav18" => "Contact",
"nav19" => "Langue",
"nav20" => "Aide",
"gutscheine.1" => "Bons d´achat",
"gutscheine.2" => "Bon d´achat Congstar",
"gutscheine.3" => "Bon d´achat Check24\r\n",
"gutscheine.4" => "Bon d´achat Handyflash",
"gutscheine.5" => "Bon d´achat Groupon",
"gutscheine.6" => "Bon d´achat Medion",
"gutscheine.7" => "Bon d´achat Navabi",
"gutscheine.8" => "Bon d´achat Netcologne",
"gutscheine.9" => "Bon d´achat Teufel",
"gutscheine.10" => "Tous les bons d´achats",
"sumaev.1" => "MetaGer est développé et opéré par",
"sumaev.2" => "SUMA-EV - Verein für freien Wissenszugang."
\ No newline at end of file
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