Commit 182c29cc authored by Aria Givi's avatar Aria Givi Committed by Phil Höfer
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deleted duplicate variables

parent 5c5d13a1
......@@ -5,15 +5,7 @@
// General
@import "./general/general.less";
// Pages
@import "./pages/contact.less";
@import "./pages/donation.less";
@import "./pages/help_faq.less";
@import "./pages/language.less";
@import "./pages/privacy.less";
@import "./pages/resultpage.less";
@import "./pages/start-page.less";
@import "./pages/widget.less";
@import "./pages/settings.less";
@import "./pages/all.less";
// Parts
@import "./parts/aufruf-winter.less";
@import "./parts/footer.less";
@import "./variables.less";
// MetaGer Brand Color
@metager-orange: #FF8000;
// Shades of Gray
@color-white: white;
@color-almost-white: mix(@color-white, @color-black, 90%);
@color-light-grey: mix(@color-white, @color-black, 75%);
@color-grey: mix(@color-white, @color-black, 50%);
@color-strong-grey: mix(@color-white, @color-black, 25%);
@color-almost-black: mix(@color-white, @color-black, 10%);
@color-black: black;
// Default Background Color
@background-color: @color-almost-black;
@background-color-mobile: @color-almost-black;
// Default Font
"Liberation Sans",
"Helvetica Neue",
// General text color.
@text-color: @color-white;
// Default textual link color.
@link-color: #FF8000;
// Default Mini-Padding
@padding-small-default: 8px;
// Screen sizes
@screen-mobile: 760px;
@screen-small: 1000px;
@screen-medium: 1200px;
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