Commit 0d504944 authored by Dominik Hebeler's avatar Dominik Hebeler
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changed mg log format and stoage path

parent fa964cf7
......@@ -1338,11 +1338,11 @@ class MetaGer
public static function getMGLogFile()
$logpath = storage_path("logs/metager/");
$logpath = storage_path("logs/metager/" . date("Y") . "/" . date("m") . "/");
if (!file_exists($logpath)) {
mkdir($logpath, 0777, true);
$logpath .= (new \DateTime())->format('Y-m-d') . ".log";
$logpath .= date("d") . ".log";
return $logpath;
......@@ -1351,19 +1351,7 @@ class MetaGer
if ($this->shouldLog) {
try {
$logEntry = "";
$logEntry .= "[" . date("D M d H:i:s") . "]";
Someone might wonder now why we are saving the IP-Adress to the log file here:
It's because we were targets of heavy Bot attacks which created so many Search-Request to our Servers that
not only our servers but the ones from some of our search engines too collapsed.
At that point we could'nt prevent the Bot from accessing our server because we would need it's IP-Adress to do so.
That's why we need to save the IP-Adress to our Log-Files temporarily. The logrotate process that shifts our Log-Files will then
automatically remove the IP-Adresses from the Log-File after a few hours.
This method gives us just enough time to prevent malicious Software from bringing our servers down and at the same time having not a single
IP-Adress older than one day stored on our servers. (Except the ones who got banned in that short period of course) ;-)
$logEntry .= " ip=" . $this->request->ip();
$logEntry .= date("H:s:i");
$logEntry .= " ref=" . $this->request->header('Referer');
$logEntry .= " time=" . round((microtime(true) - $this->starttime), 2) . " serv=" . $this->fokus;
$logEntry .= " interface=" . LaravelLocalization::getCurrentLocale();
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