Commit 0afcc8b0 authored by Kim Höfer's avatar Kim Höfer
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exchange fa floppy with floppy img and style it

parent 39615d9d
......@@ -296,3 +296,6 @@
margin-right: 4px;
.result-icon-floppy {
filter: invert(48%) sepia(60%) saturate(5000%) hue-rotate(188deg);
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
<ul class="option-list list-unstyled small">
<li class="js-only">
<a href="javascript:resultSaver('{{ $result->hash }}');" class="saver">
<nobr><i class="fa fa-floppy-o"></i> {!! trans('result.options.savetab') !!}</nobr>
<nobr><img class= "mg-icon result-icon-floppy" src="/img/floppy.svg"> {!! trans('result.options.savetab') !!}</nobr>
@if(strlen($metager->getSite()) === 0)
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