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......@@ -25,7 +25,16 @@ return [
"faq.9.h" => "How does the MetaGer ranking work?",
"faq.9.b" => "You can check <a href=\"\" target=_blank>our source code</a> to find out.",
"faq.10.h" => "I can't use MetaGer with my browser X and operating system Y. I need help!",
"faq.15.h" => "How was MetaGer started, what is the story behind MetaGer?",
"faq.10.b" => "Please try first to install the newest available plugin. Just use the link below the searchfield, it has an automatic browserdetection. If it is still not working, please let us know: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\"></a>",
"faq.11.h" => "Where did you get all these nice sayings?",
"faq.11.b" => "We find some in the web but we've got the most of them from Alexander Hammer. We don't provide them in english....",
"faq.12.h" => "How can I delete the search suggestions?",
"faq.12.b" => "This is provided by your webbrowser. Try to customize the history settings.",
"faq.13.h" => "What is about the privacy and how long / what do you store?",
"faq.13.b.1" => "The protection of private data is our general principle. Everything we do is subordinated to this principle. Therefore we do not work with Cookies, Session IDs or anything else. More exact information: <a href=\"/datenschutz/\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\"></a>",
"faq.13.b.2" => "Besides: we do not store and we do not even know your IP-address. We use serversided anonymization for the communication with the prompted search services. We think that searchengines work well without storing IP-addresses. What do we do additionally?",
"faq.13.b.3" => "You may wish to hide your IP-address generally. We provide a free proxyservice. Click \"tools\" for more exact information: ",
"faq.15.h" => "How was MetaGer started, what is the story behind MetaGer?",
"faq.17.h" => "How to add MetaGer as a standard search engine (using the plugin)",
"faq.17.b.1" => "A short instruction how to add the metager plugin to your webbrowser (includes deinstallation if necessary):",
"faq.17.b.2" => "<b>For the Firefox webbrowser:</b>",
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