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Update resources/lang/en/hilfe.php

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......@@ -3,12 +3,19 @@ return [
"achtung" => "Warning! Structure and functionality of our website are subject to constant development and changes. We try to update our help pages as quickly as possible, but can not prevent temporary mistakes.",
"title" => "MetaGer Help",
"title.2" => 'Use of the search engine',
"searchfield.title" => 'The search field',
"" => 'The search field contains:',
"searchfield.memberkey" => 'The key symbol (only SUMA-EV members): Members can enter a private key to use the "free-of-advertising" metager search. If you want this too, just become a member: <a href = "">Membership form</a>',
"searchfield.slot" => 'The search field: Enter your words here.',
"" => 'The magnifier: Start your search.',
"" => 'On the results page: Click / Touch the filter symbol to activate all filter options.',
"resultpage.title" => 'The result page',
"resultpage.foci" => 'There are six different search focuses below the search field (Web, Pictures...). We assigned specific search engines to these focuses.',
"resultpage.choice" => 'Below these you have two links:',
"resultpage.filter" => 'Filter: Toggle filters on / off and apply settings here. Each focus has its own assortment.',
"resultpage.settings" => 'Settings: Apply here your permanent settings for the current focus. You can select / unselect search engines here, too. Your settings are stored as non-personally identifiable cookies. Click "Overview" to see your settings. If settings have been stored you find a deletion button at the end of the page.',
"stopworte.title" => "Exclude single words",
"stopworte.1" => "If you want to exclude words within the search result, you have to put a \"-\" in front of that word",
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