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return [
'head.1' => 'Settings',
'head.2' => 'Here you can customize your MetaGer: After selecting your desired settings, you have to choose, whether you want to save the settings permanently, or just for once,',
'head.3' => 'on the bottom of this page.',
'head.4' => '',
'allgemein.1' => 'General',
'allgemein.2' => 'disable sayings',
'allgemein.3' => 'open links in same tab',
'allgemein.4' => 'select language',
'allgemein.5' => 'all languages',
'allgemein.6' => 'german',
'allgemein.7' => 'number of results per page',
'allgemein.8' => 'all',
'allgemein.9' => 'maximum search time',
'allgemein.10' => 'second (standard)',
'allgemein.11' => 'seconds',
'suchmaschinen.1' => 'search engines',
'suchmaschinen.2' => 'web-search',
'suchmaschinen.3' => 'select / deselect all',
'suchmaschinen.4' => 'video',
'suchmaschinen.5' => 'germany',
'suchmaschinen.6' => 'news',
'suchmaschinen.7' => 'science',
'suchmaschinen.8' => 'product searches',
'suchmaschinen.9' => 'product search',
'suchmaschinen.10' => 'other search engines',
'suchmaschinen.11' => 'diving',
'suchmaschinen.12' => 'regenerative energies',
'suchmaschinen.13' => 'astronomy',
'suchmaschinen.14' => 'stock &amp; finances',
'suchmaschinen.15' => 'with archive',
'suchmaschinen.16' => 'germany, with archive',
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