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Plugin.faq 1und 2 eingefügt

See merge request !702
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......@@ -78,6 +78,8 @@ return [
"plugin.safari.2" => "Open MetaGer and add MetaGer by the OpenSearch-button within the Safari menu",
"plugin.safari.3" => "Delete (if you want) other search engines by clicking on \"X\"",
"plugin.safari.4" => "Now you might search with MetaGer via the OpenSearch-button (magnifying glass symbol)",
"plugin.faq.1" => "See also:",
"plugin.faq.2" => "Metager FAQ - Plugin",
"plugin.vivaldi.1" => "Click the red logo \"Vivaldi\" at the top left of your web browser. Then select \"Tools / Preferences\"",
"plugin.vivaldi.2" => "Within the new menu choose \"search\"",
"plugin.vivaldi.3" => "Select \"Add new search\"",
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