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Merge branch 'patch-11' into 'development'

Update index.php

See merge request !783
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return [
"foki.web" => "Web",
"foki.bilder" => "Images",
"foki.nachrichten" => "News/Politique",
"foki.wissenschaft" => "Sciènces",
"foki.produkte" => "Produits",
"foki.anpassen" => "ajuster",
"foki.angepasst" => "ajusté(e)",
"foki.maps" => " <span class=\"badge new-feature\">Nouveau</span>",
"design" => "Choisir un design personnel",
"partnertitle" => "Soutenir MetaGer, sans frais supplémentaires pour vous",
"plugin" => "Ajouter un plug-in MetaGer",
"plugintitle" => "Ajouter MetaGer à votre browser",
"sponsors.head.1" => "Informations supplémentaires",
"sponsors.head.2" => "Sponsors",
"plugin.head.1" => "Ajouter MetaGer à Firefox",
"plugin.head.2" => "Ajouter MetaGer à Chrome",
"plugin.head.3" => "Ajouter MetaGer à Opera",
"plugin.head.4" => "Ajouter MetaGer à Internet Explorer",
"plugin.head.5" => "Ajouter MetaGer à Microsoft Edge",
"plugin.head.6" => "Ajouter MetaGer à Vivaldi",
"plugin.opera.10" => "Cliquer sur \"ok\"",
"plugin.IE.11" => "Cliquer sur \"ok\"",
"plugin.vivaldi.7" => "Cliquer sur \"ajouter\""
\ No newline at end of file
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