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return [
"heading.1" => "Fact-checks versus fake news:",
"paragraph.1" => "Which origin has this message?",
"list.1" => "Web",
"list.1.1" => "Has this web document an imprint? What can be found out about these specified persons, companies....",
"list.1.2" => "Checking the WHOIS database: who is listed as the owner / operator of the website / page? Does these informations fit with the imprint? What can be found out about the owner of the web document? (<a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\"></a>)",
"list.1.3" => "On the page: Is there an author mentioned? What can be found out about that author?",
"list.1.4" => "Is it a very well known author on this subject? Any Wikipedia entries?",
"list.1.5" => "Does the text contain facts which can be sifted? Other sources -not only internet- known and available? ",
"list.1.6" => "Does the writing style indicate if the text could be ironical?",
"list.1.7" => "Does the author use a proper citation which can be sifted elsewhere?",
"list.1.8" => "Is the argumentation logical and reasonable ?",
"list.2" => "Facebook and other social nets or panels",
"list.2.1" => "The message is not very believable if there is no real appearing authors name.",
"list.2.2" => "Are there additional informations referring to this author's name?",
"list.2.3" => "Can be verified if this name is real? Is the person reachable on other channels? Is it possible to speak with this person?",
"list.2.4" => "Is there a verified Facebook profile? (<a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\"></a>)",
"list.2.5" => "Since when is this profile online?",
"list.2.6" => "How many friends are listed in this profile? Can be found out anything about these profiles?",
"list.3" => "Wikipedia",
"list.3.1" => "Not everything which can be found on wikipedia is true!",
"list.3.2" => "Check the history: Who wrote this at what time?",
"list.3.3" => "Can be found out anything about these authors?",
"list.3.4" => "Is there a special discussion page on wikipedia?",
"list.4" => "Emails",
"list.4.1" => "It's very easy to fake Emails or to manipulate accounts. => Fakemails.",
"list.4.2" => "It' not easy to find out the origin and other facts of an email. You may find some hints here: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\"></a>",
"list.4.3" => "It is very good and safe to use encrypted mails. Hints: <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\"></a> ",
"list.5" => "Pictures an videos",
"list.5.1" => "Check out the image background. Landscape, buildings, cars with their registration numbers, persons and clothes. Does this fit together? Does it fit with the text?",
"list.5.2" => "Could be find similar pictures with an reverse-image-search (provided by image search engines)?",
"list.5.3" => "Open the image file with a graphic application: are their metadatas inside the image and do they fit with the image content?",
"list.6" => "There is a \"Fake News Check\"-App for the smartphone which considers very subjective and emotional issues.",
"list.7" => "There's no such thing as absolute security against fakes."
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