Commit a6886610 authored by Dominik Hebeler's avatar Dominik Hebeler
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Merge branch '1110-missing-translation-in-contact-form-2' into 'development'

Resolve "Missing translation in contact form"

Closes #1110

See merge request !1834
parents dd315ce9 79ff5f87
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ return [
'form.6' => 'Your message',
'form.7' => 'Subject',
'form.8' => 'Send',
'form.9' => 'Up to 5 attachments (filesize < 5 MB)',
'letter.1' => 'By Letter Mail',
'letter.2' => 'We prefer digital contact. However, if you consider it neccessary to contact us postally, you can mail us at:',
'letter.3' => 'SUMA-EV
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