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Update results.php

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return [
'redirect' => '(with redirect)',
'weiter' => 'more',
'zurueck' => 'back',
'filter' => 'Results are filtered by language: <strong>[:filter]</strong>. <a href=":link">Disable this filter.</a>',
"redirect" => "(with redirect)",
"weiter" => "more",
"zurueck" => "back",
"filter" => "Results are filtered by language: <strong>[:filter]</strong>. <a href=\":link\">Disable this filter.</a>",
"filter.default" => "The interface language is set to <strong>:langName</strong> but you will receive results in <strong>ALL</strong>languages. If you want to restrict the results to a specific language (german or english for the moment and spanish to come), please click <a href=\"/settings\" target=\"_blank\">customize</a> and choose your desired language there."
\ No newline at end of file
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