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return [
"heading.1" => "SUMA-EV membership application ",
"beitritt.1" => "I hereby declare,",
"placeholder.1" => "last name, first name",
"beitritt.2" => "for the company:",
"placeholder.2" => "fill in this line only if you apply as a company",
"beitritt.3" => "Function:",
"placeholder.3" => "you might fill in here your job or your function within the company (if you apply as a company)",
"beitritt.4" => "Address:",
"placeholder.4" => "street address, postcode, country...",
"beitritt.5" => "EMail-Address:",
"beitritt.6" => "Web-Adress/URL of Homepage:",
"beitritt.7" => "Phone:",
"placeholder.7" => "landline and/or mobile",
"beitritt.8" => "that I want to join the \"SUMA-EV - association for free access to knowledge.\" I have taken note of the statutes and agree with the objectives of the association. The minimum fee for individual members and private individuals is 5,-EUR per month, students half. \r\nCompanies, institutions and facilities:\r\n- up to 20 employees: 5, - EUR a month for every employee\r\n- more than 20 and up to 200 employees: 100,- EUR a month in total\r\n- more than 200 employees 200,- EUR a month. \r\nAs a membership fee I choose: ",
"beitritt.9" => "EUR per month.",
"beitritt.10" => "The contribution is reviewed annually on 01 August debited in advance or from date of admission pro rata for the first year. ",
"beitritt.11" => "I agree to the publication of my name, my role and my e-mail address on the Internet and / or (tick desired) in paper form to: ",
"beitritt.12" => "Yes",
"beitritt.13" => "No",
"beitritt.14" => "Place, Date:",
"abbuchung.1" => "Signature after printing the form ",
"abbuchung.2" => "Debit authorization",
"abbuchung.3" => "I hereby authorize the \"SUMA-EV - association for free access to knowledge\" to withdraw the membership fee debited from my account. ",
"abbuchung.4" => "Name of account holder:",
"abbuchung.5" => "Bank name:",
"abbuchung.6" => "IBAN:",
"abbuchung.7" => "BIC:",
"abbuchung.8" => "Signature after printing the form ",
"anweisung.1" => "Please print the form after completing and signing at both ......... lines, then you can: ",
"anweisung.2" => "- fax it to 0049-(0)511-34 00 10 23 or\r\n\r\n",
"anweisung.3" => "- send it by mail to: SUMA-EV, Roeselerstr. 3, D-30159 Hanover, Germany or",
"anweisung.4" => "- scan and email it to ",
"anweisung.5" => "When sending by mail or fax, please let us know this. Write a short mail to:",
"anweisung.6" => "Member contributions to the SUMA-EV are tax deductible under German law, since the association by the tax office Hannover Nord is a non profit organization. A tax receipt will be automatically in January or February of the following year sent. ",
"anweisung.7" => "Print"
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