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Satzzeichen hinzugefügt

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......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ return [
"lastschrift.6" => "Your IBAN or bank account number:",
"lastschrift.7" => "Your BIC or bank code:",
"lastschrift.8.value" => "Here you can tell us, what amount you want to donate:",
"lastschrift.8.value.placeholder" => "donation amount",
"lastschrift.8.message" => "Here you can informally add a message to your donation",
"lastschrift.8.value.placeholder" => "Donation amount",
"lastschrift.8.message" => "Here you can informally add a message to your donation:",
"lastschrift.8.message.placeholder" => "message",
"lastschrift.9" => "Donate",
"lastschrift.10" => "Your information is transmitted encrypted and is not read by a third party. The amount you enter will be debited from your account by us. SUMA-EV only uses your information for accounting; Your information is not passed on. Donations to the SUMA-EV are tax-deductible, because the association is recognized as charitable by the Finanzamt Hannover Nord (revenue board), listed in the register of associations, Amtsgericht Hannover under VR200033. A certificate for single donations above 200,-EUR is sent automatically (post address is required!). For donations below 200,-EUR an account current is enough for tax-deduction.",
......@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@ return [
"lastschrift.5" => "Su numero de teléfono, para verificar su donación vía una llamada si fuese necesario:",
"lastschrift.6" => "Su IBAN o numero de cuenta:",
"lastschrift.7" => "Su BIC o \tcódigo de identificación bancaria:",
"lastschrift.8.value" => "Aquí puede entrar su donación",
"lastschrift.8.value.placeholder" => "monto de donación",
"lastschrift.8.value" => "Aquí puede entrar su donación:",
"lastschrift.8.value.placeholder" => "Monto de donación",
"lastschrift.8.message" => "Aquí puede enviarnos un mensaje adicional si quiere:",
"lastschrift.8.message.placeholder" => "Mensaje",
"lastschrift.9" => "Donación",
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