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Merge branch 'patch-4' into 'development'

Item "Infobutton" | Texte ergänzt.

See merge request !564
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......@@ -39,4 +39,6 @@ return [
"grossklein.title" => "Upper case vs. lower case",
"grossklein.1" => "Upper case will not be distinguished from lower case",
"grossklein.2" => "Searching for <div class=\"well well-sm\">Shakespeare</div> or <div class=\"well well-sm\">SHAKESPEARE</div> will deliver the same results as <div class=\"well well-sm\">shakespeare</div>",
"infobutton.title" => "I see a small \"I\" in some spots. What is it?",
"infobutton.1" => "You gain more information on the specific theme by clicking it (i.g. weather data or something)."
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