Commit 3d80da57 authored by Aria Givi's avatar Aria Givi
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Englische Sprachsnippets korrigiert

parent c42bc18b
......@@ -26,10 +26,10 @@ return [
"focus-creator.focusname" => "Focus:",
"sponsors.head.1" => "Further Information",
"sponsors.head.2" => "Protect Yourself",
"sponsors.woxikon" => "Use MetaGer against Snoopers:",
"sponsors.seo" => "Click results by \"open anonymously\"",
"sponsors.gutscheine" => "and you are fully protected.",
"sponsors.head.2" => "Sponsors",
'sponsors.woxikon' => 'Tagesgeld jetzt!',
'sponsors.gutscheine' => 'Aktuelle Gutscheine auf',
'sponsors.seo' => 'Suchmaschinenoptimierung',
"about.title" => "About Us",
"about.1.1" => "We provide <a href=\"/en/datenschutz\">privacy & data protection.</a>",
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