Commit 206d5188 authored by Kim Höfer's avatar Kim Höfer
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change title to fit the background images

parent 1ff8d0a2
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ return [
'tableofcontents.1.4' => 'Settings',
'tableofcontents.2' => 'Useful functions and hints',
'tableofcontents.2.1' => 'Exclude single words',
'tableofcontents.2.2' => 'Searching for more than one word',
'tableofcontents.2.3' => 'Upper cas vs. lower case',
'tableofcontents.2.1' => 'Stopwords',
'tableofcontents.2.2' => 'Several words',
'tableofcontents.2.3' => 'Upper-/lower case',
'tableofcontents.2.4' => 'Exclude URLS',
'tableofcontents.2.5' => '!bangs',
'tableofcontents.2.6' => 'Search in search',
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