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return [
'heading1' => 'MetaGer-Partnershop',
'absatz1' => 'If the MetaGer result list shows links which have the word "Partnershop" in
that line, these are at first normal search results. They are not ranked
higher or differently treated than all other search results of MetaGer. By
showing these links we do not transfer any of your data to third parties -
in the same way we do not transfer such data for ANY search.',
'absatz2' => 'Behind such links are companies which will pay us with a small amount of
money if you click on that link. The result shows the company logo as well.
By that you additionally recognize our partnershops. If you click on such
link (and ONLY then) the user data will be given to the click address - in
the same way as done by clicking the result links of all search engines. If
you do not want that, then MetaGer optionally gives the possibility to click
on "anonym öffnen" (open anonymously). So you do not have to give your user
data to third parties. But in that case we do not receive a share to
finance MetaGer. We appeal for a donation in that case, so that we are able
to run and develope MetaGer as an independent alternative within a
non-commercial NGO: <a href=""></a>',
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