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return [
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    "results.failed"	=>	"Unfortunately we have no results for your search",
    "settings.noneSelected"	=>	"Attention: you did not choose any search engine",
    "engines.noParser"	=>	"There is an error: Requesting \":engine\" failed. Please report to:  <a href=\" Parser: :engine\"></a>",
    "formdata.cantLoad"	=>	"Could not find suma-file",
    "formdata.noSearch"	=>	"Attention: you did not type in any search word/s. Please type search words and try again",
    "formdata.dartEurope"	=>	"Hint: you have activated Dart-Europe. Therefore the response time might be longer and is set to 10 sec",
    "formdata.hostBlacklist"	=>	"Results of the following domains will not be shown: \":host\"",
    "formdata.domainBlacklist"	=>	"These domains get ignored: \":domain\"",
    "formdata.stopwords"	=>	"You have excluded results with the following words: \":stopwords\"",
    "formdata.phrase"	=>	"You are doing a string search: :phrase",
    "sitesearch.failed"	=>	"You intend to do a site search on :site. Unfortunately the chosen search engines do not support that. You can do a site search <a href=\":searchLink\">here</a> within the Web focus",
    "sitesearch.success"	=>	"You are doing a site search. Only results of the website <a href=\"http://:site\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\">\":site\"</a> will be shown."