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return [
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    "header.1" => "Search Preferences",
    "text.1" => "Here you can make search settings for your MetaGer search in focus :fokusName. These are stored as long as you save cookies in the browser.",

    "header.2" => "Used Search Engines",
    "text.2" => "Below are all the search engines available for this focus. With a click on the name they can be switched on / off. Used search engines are shown in green. Not used ones in red or gray.",

    "header.3" => "Search Filters",
    "text.3" => "At this point you can set search filters permanently. With the selection of a search filter, only search engines are available that support this filter. Conversely, only search filters are displayed which are supported by the current search engine selection.",

    "save" => "Save",
    "reset" => "Delete all settings",
    "back" => "Back to the last page",
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