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return [
    'heading'     => "MetaGer-Partnershop",
    'paragraph.1' => "Whenever you see results with a label that says 'Partnershop', this is just a regular result. It is not ranked differently or prefered.",
    'paragraph.2' => "The result link is associated with a company that pays us a small amount for every time the link is clicked, so that MetaGer can be financed. The result also shows the company's logo. Your data is only transmitted to te websites of these companies when you click the result. The transmitted data includes your MetaGer search phrase and your IP address. In order to avoid the transmission of such data, you may use the 'OPEN ANONYMOUSLY' button, but if you do so, we do not get paid for the click. In that case we would really encourage you to donate, so that MetaGer can we maintained and developed further on.",
    'paragraph.3' => 'SUMA-EV members may use our ad-free search. <a href="/beitritt>Become a Member</a>',
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